Full Form of technologies Words की सबसे बड़ी Collection

 दोस्तों आज हम आपके लिए  कम्प्यूटर और तकनिकी से जुड़ी कुछ ऐसी जानकारी शेयर करने वाले है जिसके जरिये आप तकनीक की दुनिया में बोले जाने वाले कुछ ऐसे शब्दों का ज्ञान हो जायेगा जो आपको तकनिकी क्षेत्र में ओर ज्यादा जानकार बनाएगा तो आइये जानते है कुछ तकनिकी शब्दों का पूरा रूप :-

AAAI = American Association for Artificial Intelli-gence 

AADB = Aircraft Accidental Data Base

ABC = Atanasoff Berry Computer 
AC = Alternating Current

 ACC = Clipped from Accumulator

 ACK = Anknowledge Character

ACIA = Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter.

ACM = Association for Computing Machine

AD = Analog of Digital

ADC = Analog to digital Convener

ADP = Automatic Data Processing

AFL = Abstract Family of Languages

Al = Artificial Intelligence

AIM = Abstract on Industrial Materials

ALU = Ai ithmetic and Logic Unit

ALGOL = Also Rinthmic Language.

AM = Amplitude Modulation.

AMDS = Agri Market Data Service

ANSI = American National Standards Institute

APTIC = Air Pollution Technical Information Centres

APZ = A Programming Language.

ART = Automated Reasoning Tool

ASCC = Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator

ASCII = American Standards Code for Information Interchange

ASIA = Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts.

ASK = Amplitude Shift Keying

ASR = Automatic Send and Receive

AT = Advanced Technology.

ATDM = Asynchronous Time Divison Multiplexing

AWC = Association of Women in Computing

BAR = Broadcust Advertiser Report

BASIC = Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation

BBN = Bolt, Beranek and Newman.

BCD = Binary Coded Decimal

BCS = British Computer Society

BEMA = Business Equipment Manufacture’s Asociation.

BDOS = Basic Disk Operating System

BICAS = Business International Country Assessment Service

BIMAC = Binary Automatic Computer

BISYMC = Binary Synchronous Communication

BIT = Binary Digit

BMC = Bubble Memory Control

BOT = Beginning of Tap

BOP = Bit Oriental Protocl

BPI = Bits Per Inch

BPS = Bits Per Second

BROM = Bipolar Read only Memory

BSAM = Basic Sequential Access Method

BSC = Binary Synchronous Communication 

BSI = Bibliographic Service Infomatoion

BSN = Business Subscriper Networks

BTAM = basic Telecomunication Access Method

CAD = Computer Aided Design

CADAM = Computer Graphics Design & Drafting

BSI = Bibliographic Service Information

BSN  = Business Subscriper Network

BTAM  = Basic Telecommunication Access Method

CAD = Computer Aided Design

CADAM = Computer Graphics Design and Manufactnng

CADD = Computer Aided Design & Drafting

CAE = Computer Aided Engineering

CAFS = Computer Addressable File Store

CAI = Computer Aided Instruction

CALIBNET = Culcutta Library Network

CAL = Computer Aided Learning

CAM = Computer Aided’Manufacturing

CAST  = Computerised Accounting System of Treas-ury

CAT = Computer Assisted Training

CAT = Computerised Axial Tomography

CBL = Computer Based Learing

CBM = Commodore Business Machines

CCD = Charge Coupled Device

CCP = Certificate in Computer Programming

 CDAC = Centre for Development of Advanced Com-puting

CDC = Call Directing Code

CD  = Compact Disk

CDL = Computer Description Language

CDS/ISIS = Computerized Documents System / Integrated set of Information System

CDOT = Centre for Development of Telemetics

CDP = Certifieaye in Data Processing

C-ROM = Compact Disk Read Only Memory

CE  = Chip Enable

CGA = Colour Graphics Adapter

CHDL = Computer Hardware Check Language

CICS = Customer Information Control System

CIM = Computer Input Microfilm

CIPS = Candian Information Processing Society

CISC = Computer Instruction Set Computer

CLIP = Coded Language Information Processing

CMC = Computer Maintenance Corporation

CMI = Computer Managed Instructions

CML= Circuit Mode Logic

CMOS = Complimentary Metal Oride Silicon

CMU = Carnage Mellow University

COBOL = Common Business Oriented Languase

CNC = Computer Numerical Control

CODASYL= Conference on Data System Language.

COM=Computer Out Come Micro Film

COM AL= Common Alogriths Language

CPM=Critical Path Method

CR=Carriage Return

CRC=Cyclic Redundancy Check

CS=Chip Select

CSI=Computer Society of India

CUE= Computer Using Educators

CU=Control Unit

CPU=Central Processing Unit

CRT= Cathode Ray Tube

DARPA=Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

DASD= Direct Access Storage Device

DAT=Dynamic Address Translation

DBMS= Data Base Management System

DCB=Data Control Block

DCE=Data Communication Equipment

DDD=Direct Distance Dialling

DDP=Distributed Data Processing

DEC=Digital Equipment Corporation

DTP=Desk-Top Publishing

DOS=Disk Operating System

DLC=Data Link Control

DMA=Direct Memory Access

DMAC= Direct Memory Access Channel

DNC=Direct Numerical Control

DOA=Dead On Arrival

DOAS=Doctors Office Automation Systems.

DOE=Department of Electronics

DOS=Disk Operating System

DP = Data Processing

DPMA=Data Processing Management

DRO=Destructive Read Out

DSCB=Data Set Control Block

DSL=Data Set Label

DSN= Data Set Name

DTE = Data Terminal Equipment

DTR =Data Terminal Read

EBAM= Electron Beam Addressed Memory

EBCDIA= Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange

ECL =Imitter Compled Logic

ECOM= Electronic Computer Oriented Mail

EDP = Electronic Data Processing

EDS = Exchangeable Disk Store

EDSAC =Electronic Deday Storage Automatic Calcu-lator

EDVAC = Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer

EEPROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read only Memory

EIA = Electronic Industries Association

ECIA = Electronic Computer Industries Association

EMI = Electro Magnetic Interference

EOB = End of Block

EOF = End of File

EOJ = End of Job

EOM = End of Message

EOT = End of Transmission

EPO = Emergency Power off

EPROM = Electrically Powered Read only Memory 

FDM = Frequency Division Multiplexing 

FEA = Finite Element Analysis 

FFI = Federation for Electronic Industries 

FGCS = Fifty Generation Computer System 

FIFO = First in First Out 

FF = Flip Flop 

FX = Fixed Atea 

GC Lisp = Golden Common Lisp 

GIGO = Garbage in Garbage Out 

GKS = Graphics Kernel System 

GNC = Graphical Numerical Control 

HDLC = High Level Data Line Control 

HP = Hello Program 

HN = Hexadecimal Number 

HLF = High Level Filestore 

MLR = High Level Recover) 

HLL = High Level Language

KEE = Knowledge Engineering Environment 

KES = Knowledge Engineering System 

KET = Kharagpur Expert Too 

KIPS = Kilo Instructions Per Second 

LAN = Local Area Network 

LAP = Link Access Protocol 

LCD = Logical Crystal Display 

LDL = Language Description Language 

LF = Line Feed 

LIFO = Last in First Out 

LIPS = Logical Inferences Per Second 

LP = Line Printer 

LP = Liner Programming 

LPM = Lines Per Minute 

LPS = Lines Per Second 

LSB = Least Significant Bit 

LSC = Last Significant Character 

LSD = Least Significant Digit 

LSI = Large Scale Integration 

MAC = Machine Aided Cognition 

MC = Megnetic Character 

MD = Megnetic Disk 

MD = Megnetic Drum 

MPS = Megnetic Film Storage 

MICR = Magneti Inkc Character Recognition 

MM = Megnetic Memory 

MP = Megnetic Printer 

MT = Megnetic Tape 

MAIT = Manufactures Association Information Technology.

MAR = Memory Addrgs Register 

MARGIE = Memory Analysis Response Generation in English 

MARS =Management of Retail Stores 

MCA = Master in Computer Applications 

MCAE = Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering 

MCC = Micro-electronic & Computer Technology Corporation 

MDR = Memory Data Register 

MOS = Metalic Oxide Semi Conductor 

MIPS = Million Instruction Per Second 

MSI = Medium Scale Integration 

MTBF = Mean Time Between Failures 

MTI = Mean Time to Repair 

MVS = Multiple Virtual Storage 

MVT = Multiple Programming with a Variable Number of Taks 

NBS = National Bureau of Standards 

NC = Nano Computei 

NC = Numerical Control 

NCC = National Computer Conference 

NCGA = National Computer Graphics Association 

NCS ICI’ National Centre for software Development and Computer Techniques 

NCST = National Centre for Software Technology 

NDBMS = Network Data Base Management System 

NEC Nippon Electric Corporation 

NECC = National Educational Computer Conference 

NIC = National Information Centre 

NMC = Network Management Centre 

MNOS = M. Channel Metal Oxide Semi Conductor
NS = Nano Second 

NURB = Non Uniform Variable Rational B-Splines 

NVRAM = Non-Volatial Random Access Memory 

OCR = Optical Character Recognition 

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacture 

OIQ = One Line Query 

OLTP = On Line Transaction Processing 

OROM = Optical Read Only Memory 

OS = Operating System 

OSI = Open System Inter Connection 

PAL = Phase Alternation Line 

PAM = Plan Applier Mechanism 

PC = Personal Computer 

PCB = Printed Circuit Board 

PCM = Punch Card Machine 

PDM = Pulse Division Modulation 

PET = Popular Low Cost Micro Computer 

PGDCA = Post Gradual Diploma in Computer Application 

PIN = Personal Identification Number 

PIT = Programmable Interval Timer 

PLA = Programmable Logic Array 

POL = Procedure Oriented Language 

PPH = Pages Per Hour 

PPM = Pulse Position Modulation 

PROM = Programmable Read Only Memory 

QBE = Query by Example 

QMR = Quick Medical Refrence 

RAM = Random Access Memory 

ROM = Read Only Memory
RF = Radio Frequency

RFQ = Request For Quotation

RJE = Remote Job Entry

RMS = Restaurant Management System

RO = Receive Only

ROS = Read Only Storage

RPG = Repeat Program Generator

RTC = Real Time Clock

RTS = Request To Send

RWM = Read Wine Memory

RZ = Return to Zero

SAC = Scientific Advisory Committee

SAM = Sequential Access Method

SBC = Small Business Computer

SEL =  System Engineering Laboratory

SLS = Super Large Scale Integration

SLT = Solid Logic Technique

SNA = System Network Architecature

SOP = Standard Operationg Procedure

SOS = Silicon on Sapphire

SP = Stalk Pointer

SSC  = Small Scale Integration

SVC = Super Vision Call

TCAM = Telecommunication Access Method

TCB = Task Control Block

TCP = Transmission Control Protocal

TDM = Time Division Multipleity

TOP = Technical Office Protocol

TOS = Tape Operating System

UHF = Ultra High Fequencies

ULSI = Ultra Large Seale Integration

VAB = Voice Analog Back

VAL =  Vicarm Arm Language

VAM = Vision Aided Manufacturing

VDT = Visual Display Terminal

VDU = Visual Display Unit

VLDB = Very Large Date Bore

VLSI = Very Large Scale Integration

VRC = Vertical Redundancy

VS = Virtual Storage

WAN = Wide Area Network

WATS = Wide Area Telephon Service

WCCE = World Conference on Computers in Education

WPM = Word Per Minute

WP =  Word Processing

WPS = Word Processing Society

YACC = Yet Another Compiler Compiler

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