Charged by ThumsUp Offer: Get guaranteed ₹5 or ₹10 cashback + Enter to Win an iPad


Charged by ThumsUp cashback Offer

Charged by ThumsUp Offer

Hello everyone, I hope you are having fun with our free recharge tips and free samples deals in India. Another daily loot deal from Charged is here. Charged is energy drink by ThumsUp. You will receive ₹5 or ₹10 in reward for every unique code for a Charged drink. With every code, you will receive 1 Bolt in addition to guaranteed cashback. You need to collect the 4 bolt to be eligible for the apple iPad draw.

₹5 or ₹10 cashback is assured and directly into PhonePe wallet. Every day 10 winners will receive an iPad to take home. This promotion is available from April 15, 2024, until June 15, 2024. The promotion is only available when a 250 ml pack of Thums Up® brand Charged is purchased.

Charged by ThumsUp Offer : How to claim assured cashback offer

1. First of all, just Buy a Charged by Thums Up Product.

2. The pack will have a QR code.

3. Simply scan the QR code or go to this page directly.

4. Register now using a working phone number and confirm with an OTP.

5.Enter the Unique Code from back of the label of the Promotion Product.

6. With each valid Unique Code submitted, you can win an Assured Cashback and a digital Bolt, with a maximum of 5 Cashbacks per day and 10 Cashbacks over the Promotion Period.

7. The website’s My earnings section is where you may view your earnings.

8. To enter the lucky draw for the Bumper Prize, gather four digital Bolts.

On the promotion website, you will receive an instant notification if you are the winner of the Bumper Prize. Claiming a Bumper Prize requires submitting a Claim Form with extra information (PAN, shipping address, etc.). The Promotion Website will have the form and claim procedures available.

If you are not a Bumper Prize winner,

If you are not a Bumper Prize winner, you can enter the lucky draw any time during the next subsequent hour by clicking “Check Now” button under My winnings page during the Bumper Prize window from 12 PM to 10 PM.

ThumsUp Offer Charged: How to Claim the Item

The Assured PhonePe Gift Voucher can be redeemed as per below process –

A PhonePe Gift Voucher is sent to your registered phone number through SMS.
⁠Open My Profile in the PhonePe mobile app.
⁠Click on Claim now under the PhonePe Gift Card section under My Profile.
⁠To add the gift card to your balance, enter the gift card number and PIN.
In order to prevent forfeiture, winners of the Bumper award must complete the claim form and submit it within 72 hours of the award being announced on the promotion website.

Additionally, an SMS containing your prize details and redemption instructions will be sent to you.

Any prize(s) that are not claimed before June 15, 2024, will be forfeited.

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